Antique furnishings for gardens Viterbo


Stone ornaments, fountains, statues, tables and benches



Make your garden unique

Do you feel that miss you something in the trees, plants, and flowers that surround your home? Come visit us in our shop, we have a large exhibition with antique furniture for gardens in Viterbo. They are all unique pieces belonging to various historical periods, in different materials such as peperino (the typical stone of our territory), marble, terracotta or ancient stone. The selection to choose from is wide and varied, designed to create unique and original angles.

Tables and benches

Do you want to enjoy your garden? Come to us, we have a wide choice of ancient stone, pepper and travertine tables and benches where you can relax in the sun or shade of your plants.

Stone ornaments

Do you want to give a classic touch to your garden? What are you waiting for? Come visit our showroom. We have columns and antique capitals made of pepper, marble, travertine, able to enrich your green spaces in a sublime way. Is there anything of more romantic about a garden surrounded by a beautiful stone or marble balustrade? Find it out of Antichita Poleggi Ginevra. We have jars, jewels, jars, stone and terracotta goatskin that are waiting to find a place in your garden.
oggetti per giardino

Fountains and statues

Each garden that self respecting has at least one fountain inside it. From us you can find the one that best suits your outdoor spaces. We have ancient, stone and terracotta fountains, marble holywater font, marble and stone tank usable like flower pot. Our ancient statues can make your garden classic and elegant. We have all kinds of them: marble, stone, Vicentina stone, Cupid of 19th century and antique stone masks.