Antique Gates Viterbo



Iron gates

The first visiting card of a villa is its gate, an element that can give beauty and security at the same time. In our showroom you can find many antique gates in Viterbo, in iron, very resistant and well preserved, the resulting of the work of skilled craftsmen . Recevid your guest and choose the gate you prefer from Antichità Poleggi Ginevra. You won't regreat it. Our wide exposure can meet all tastes and needs. We have gates of different shapes and sizes, of different styles and of different historical epochs. We are confident that you can find the right one for your home. We also have several ancient stone bowls that you can use like finale for your gate, to enjoy a regal and unique look.
Cancelli antichi Viterbo
Cancelli e grate

Cradles and Grates

Do you want to refine and decorate your house with style? We can help you. Contact us and make an appointment, we are happy to accompany you in our showroom and show you all our iron railings for stairs, balconies and terraces. Our products are in various sizes, simple or decorated, belonging to different historical epochs, all of high quality. Their artisanal forging is the guarantee of finding unique and exclusive pieces, suitable for any kind of environment and furnishings. Our ironmonger collection also includes gorgeous grates and antique skylights to protect and secure your windows or simply to beautify your home. Come visit us, we are waiting for you!