Antichità Poleggi Ginevra Viterbo

Antichità Poleggi Ginevra


Unique and of antiques pieces



Our company was born in the 1960 when Modestino Conte, Poleggi Ginevra's husband, the current owner, decides to transform his passion for ancient objects into a work. With so much stubbornness, commitment and passion, it becomes one of the most important antiquarians in the area. Today, Antichità Poleggi Ginevra in Viterbo is run by Ginevra and his grandson, Roberta De Angelis, and boasts a 700-square-meter exhibition.
Antiquity is always trendy
There are things that have the ability not to change, but to acquire even more charm and value, like the antique objects we propose from Antichita Poleggi Ginevra. Over the years many of our antiques have entered the houses of internationally renowned characters such as Franco Zeffirelli, Umberto Fiorucci, Sandro Chia, Sergio Zavoli, Baron Franchetti.

We recover the past to beautify your present

We are always looking for new products, we value them, and when they raise up our interest, we decide to buy them. We like the idea of retrieving old objects, giving them a new life and continuing to enjoy their beauty. We provide our knowledge and advice that for years satisfy even the most demanding customers. With our products we have contributed to the creation and the realization of many castles and villas in Italy and in the world. The seriousness that has always distinguished us is a guarantee for customers who turn to us. Their satisfaction is our best visiting card.